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Please join us in wishing Dr. Mike Adenuga a very happy 61st birthday, by posting your birthday greetings to him here in the comments!

Greetings from Well Wishers
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Frank Eddy
I am wishing you a very happy birthday to the very oga at the top lol...happy birthday sir, long life, good health and more n more n more money
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Adewunmi Ibiyemi
Thank God for bringing to Nigeria, for the great things and helping hands you have given out to people. Deep from my heart and on behalf of my family i wish this great Icon, a man of repute many years of beautiful, sickness free and increasing family, long life and Prosperity.
May 02, 2013
Post By: General Ibrahim Babangida
Mike, truly you epitomize hard-work, perseverance, doggedness, humility, diligence and patriotism. The fact that you treasure the virtue of true friendship and loyalty to any cause you believe in gives you the cutting edge. I am eternally grateful for all the troubles you had to go through because of me in the hands of a regime that tried to derail our friendship and relationship.

Even when you came under severe pressure by that same regime which I helped to nurture, to blackmail me in order to hang me, you remained eternally loyal and steadfast. Only a businessman of character, sound upbringing and virtue could choose friendship instead of his economic empire. Only a man of delectable poise, with an open mind and fear of God would choose to sustain an age-long relationship instead of sacrificing same at the altar of avarice, greed and economic interest.

Such tribulations are prices we have to pay for true friendship. Your ability to remain focused in the face of pressure coupled with your capacity to identify and nurture talents is the reason why you are MIKE ADENUGA. There can never be another Mike Adenuga of your orientation.”
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Gracebenamir
God bless you the people are commenting on your show that you will leave long,i bless you from today onward. Favor upon favor will be following you. I wish you more years ahead,you will leave long like Matusala. may your today be like tomorrow because tomorrow will never end
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Zemo Anthony
Happy Birthday to you, I Wish you God protection, God Blessing and God Favor upon your life and the life of your family members. May God continue to keep you, and protect you from your going out and your coming in. Have a lovely and a Successful Birthday. llnp.
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Olabode Ayoola
Forget how lengthy you've lived in this world.
Instead, look for the things that you've accomplished until now and how far that you can still to go!
I hope God will always be with you.
God bless and a warm happy 60th birthday to you!
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Former Lagos state governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has also described the Globacom Chairman as a man of exceptional performance and business ability. According to Tinubu, the likes of Adenuga are rare not just in Nigeria but in Africa and the world over. “His business exploits, acumen and strategic investments in the world of telcoms, oil and gas and philanthropy, stand him out among the crowd as an exceptionally talented individual”, Tinubu said.

In a press statement released in Lagos on Sunday, Tinubu said Adenuga was still ‘Glo-ing’ at 60 as he continues to make good for himself and for his country. “Adenuga has not only helped to deepen the telecoms sector in our country, he also continues to add value to the lives of millions of Nigerians. Despite our all too glaring challenges, he has continued to empower millions of our compatriots and place Nigeria on the global telecom map”. Tinubu said, with more patriotic Nigerians like Adenuga, who are selfless and consummate about empowering others, Nigeria will be an advanced and better society. He prayed that Almighty God grant him more years of health, wealth and wisdom. “May God continuously grant you good health; and may you continue on that path of excellent businesses orientation and bold innovations that have marked you out”.
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Wolo Lewis
Happy Birthday Dr M. Adenuga, As you have entered the new year of your reputable year, may the blessings of God through Jesus Christ Glo over you and your family.. Amen!! Happy Birthday!!!
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Tanko Emmanuel Daji
SIR,today you are a year older,wiser,greater,higher and better in your life & various fields of endeavour and achievements.An ICON,RARE GEM,TRAILBRAZER indeed!Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you.Wishing you every best moments of lifetime,good health,long life and GOD'S Divine protection.
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Prince Adebola Mabinuori
May you live longer in life so that you my enjoy the fruits of your labour to the maximality of wellness and comfort on this earth.
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Greg Billonaire De Sower
Here is wishing you a happy birthday.
May God satisfy you with length of blissful years ahead IJN. To the dreams of your heart, to the prayers on your lips, to every expectations and all you hope for & to the beautiful future ahead of you, I wish you supernatural accomplishment & divine favour always. Have fun & enjoy your day!

From Greg Billionaire De Sower.
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Sulaimon Ajiroba
Happy Birthday and Many Happy returns of the day in Success & Long Life In all your endevours
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Chike Ezeh
Happy birthday sir..may God continue to bless and keep you
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Segun Esan Timothy
60...70...80...90...100...Keep counting, Dr. Mike Adenuga, our amiable and invaluable Guru! Happy birthday, sir.
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Deola Omokeye
As your day is so shall your strength be,may you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour,you are a truly an enigma with a giant strides at all facets of life,many happy returns to you at 60th.
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Meleki Michael Olusegun
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Agha Agha Mba
T o one of the men I admire for uplifting our dear nation. I say,'' Happy Birthday to you'', sir.
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Femi Olaiya
You have bestrode our national business life like a colossus, you are an enigma, your business management practices have produced results that otherwise would have been thought unimaginable by most business management professors. No wonder they call you the bull! Happy birthday Dr Mike, and many happy returns!
Apr 30, 2013
Post By: Chinemerem Felix Michael
Sir, you add so much to other’s life in your own way to do everything, that’s why you’re wished every single good thing in your birthday, a new beginning.
You are really an unique personality, Everyone’s inspired by you. May you have many more years of happiness and success ahead. May you achieve everything that you wish for.Have an unforgettable day!
Apr 29, 2013
Post By: Titiloye Oyebanji
Happy birthday to a telecommunication giant who God had ordained to liberate Nigerians and all continents from telecom oppression and man-made inequality. Except you clock 200 years, you are going nowhere. Congratulations sir>
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